Live Auction

Live Auction

Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd. has launched a new feature in their website called “Live Auction”. This feature allows the customers to buy a car through auction. There is a starting bid tag on every car that’s present in the website. To take a part on this auction there are some steps that are to be followed.

Register & Payment:

First of all, the customer has to register an Email and telephone no. After registering the Email and telephone no. the customer has to pay a registration fee of 1,00,000/- BDT(One lac Taka Only). If the car you desired to get but couldn’t lay your hands on, the amount of registration fee that was paid will be refunded or if the customer wills then this fee can kept for further use. If after a while the customer feels to bid for another car it can be done by utilizing that registration fee paid earlier.

Event Schedule:

The Live auction will take place at the Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd. office situated at Banani, Dhaka. It will take place only once a week on every Thursday. The customers can come to the Banani office and take part on Live auction.

Confirming the car:

After the car has been chosen the customer it must be confirmed before the bid by sending an Email at or by calling either 02-9820121 or 0170417063 .

Moreover, it is to inform that Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd. takes a service charge of only 5% of the auction bidding price therefore the car and the price before bidding can be decided before the auction.
The other additional charges include:

1. Auction bidding : 20,000/ – BDT
2. Caring: Auction to port : 20,000 / – BDT (But depends on the distance)
3. Inspection and documentation : 15,000 / – BDT
4. Ocean freight : 50,000 (But depends on the car size, we calculate per m3 basis)

The total other charges sum up to 105,000/ – BDT which is approximately US $1300/ – (One thousand and three hundred dollar)

Call or Visit the website:

Hiroshi Bangladesh are always ready to listen to your quarries and also humbly welcomes you all to contact for more information regarding Live auction and the registering process.

Live Bidding:

The customer will be able to take part in the Live bidding after the email has been registered and once the customers has the access to ID and password, the bidding will can start.

Live Auction:

The live auction will be held on our website and the person who bid the highest price will be the winner to get access to a real Japan auction. In case that the car is authorized at the bid price, the customer can get the dream car that was desired. If not, unfortunately, there is always a chance of trying again on the next live auction.

Partial Payment:

After the final bid has been done the customer has to pay only 30% of the total cost of the car. The customer doesn’t have to pay the whole amount at once which is convenient for many individuals.
Inspection and the procedure of the car:
After the partial payment has been done the car is ready for inspection. The customer can inspect the car and the further procedure of acquiring the car can be done.

Pay rest of the money:

Once the inspection and the procedures are done the customer needs to pay the full value of the car. The customer paid 30% after the auction and the rest 70% needs to be paid after the procedures.

Import your car from Japan:

After paying the total value of the car now its time for the car to come to its new owner from Japan. Once the car lands in this country it is delivered to the new owner.

The experts of Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd. are always ready to advise you about what kind of car is good for you. You can also get the total financial overview of your dream car from the experts. The Hiroshi team will also advice the customers about the car loan. If the customers are willing to take financial help from the bank, the Hiroshi team will council them on what is right for them.


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