Get Idea about Toyota Car Price in Bangladesh

Get Idea about Toyota Car Price in Bangladesh

Get Idea about Toyota Car Price in Bangladesh

When it comes to buying a new car, almost everyone living in this country has looked up for driving a car manufactured by Toyota. Toyota Car price in Bangladesh is much more affordable and economical. Most of the private cars running in the streets of Dhaka are mostly Toyotas.


Toyota cars are so popular, their parts are also relatively easier to find than the parts of other brands. This is something many car owners appreciate, as it reduces the hassle and stress caused when a car breaks down. You don’t have to go to a specific authorized Toyota parts seller to find what you are looking for; parts (used and new) are available in local shops all over town.

Toyota Car Price in Bangladesh – Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd

Toyota has different categories of vehicles. It manufactures vehicles starting from 1300 CC to 4500 CC.
Toyota manufactures: 1. Microbus
2. Mini Bus
3. Mini Truck
4. MPV
5. Pick Up
6. Sedan
7. SUV

Toyota Car Price in Bangladesh – Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd

An increase of Supplementary Duty

The government is planning to limit the import and use of luxurious vehicles by increasing the supplementary duty on vehicles having more than 4,000cc by up to 350% from the existing 60%.

Finance Minister AMA Muhith made the proposal in his budget speech for FY2017-18.
He also proposed to increase the duty for vehicles between 3,000cc and 4,000cc by five times, increasing it to 300% from the existing 60%.
For vehicles between 2,000cc and 3,000cc, the new supplementary duty will increase to 150% from the existing 60%.
And for vehicles between 1,600cc to 2,000cc, the new SD is being doubled to 60% from the existing 30%.
However, in the case of vehicles below 1,600cc, the SD rate has been reduced by 5%, from the existing 30%.

Toyota Car Price in Bangladesh – Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd

Reconditioned Toyota

Toyota leads the reconditioned private car market with 88.5 percent share in Bangladesh. Toyota is the highest selling brand with two price groups in the market. Axio Sedan and Axio Fielder are in lower price categories selling between Tk 17.5 lakh and Tk 19.5 lakh.

Allion and Premio are the higher price categories selling between Tk 24 lakh and 28 lakh,. The size of the car market now stands between Tk 4,000 crore and Tk 5,000 crore with a growth rate of 15-20 percent annually. This growth was driven by the growing middle class. The Toyota Corolla has dominated automobile sales for decades and holds the title of being the best-selling nameplate in the world, having sold more than 40 million vehicles since 1966. The Corollas are well known for being exceptionally safe.

Toyota Car Price in Bangladesh – Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd

Toyota car price in Bangladesh 2016, is comparatively low. The 2016 Toyota Corolla has a perfect five-star overall crash test safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gives the Corolla its highest designation of “good” for nearly all crash test evaluations. This isn’t the first year the Corolla has gotten top safety ratings, and it won’t be the last. Families can trust the Toyota Corolla to help them arrive safely at their destination, wherever it may be. Where the Corolla differs from its rivals is in the user-friendliness of its tech options.

Toyota Car Price in Bangladesh – Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd

Hybrid Toyota Cars sell in Bangladesh

Toyota has hybrids in just about every vehicle category to meet just about every customer’s need. It starts with b the Yaris, Corolla, Axio and a some of the other cars. The larger Camry, Avalon, Crowns and sleek Lexus models are also available as Hybrids. And then come to the Harrier, Highlander, more Lexus SUVs, Voxy and Noah as well.

Toyota Car Price in Bangladesh – Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd

Toyota Land Cruisers

Social elite of Dhaka prefers, the Toyota Land Cruiser which has served significantly as the chariots of the rich and powerful for more than six decades now. The Land Cruiser Prado which was slightly smaller and much cheaper is the younger sibling to the full-bore Land Cruiser which found its niche in tax-heavy third world markets like Bangladesh, wherein first world countries you can afford a Range Rover instead of owning a Land Cruiser in bd.

Toyota Car Price in Bangladesh – Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd

Car Loans

In the last fiscal year, Per capita income rose to $1,602 in the last fiscal year, up from less than $500 a decade ago, according to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS). The auto loan portfolio of over three dozen private commercial banks grew at an average of 44.25 percent in the last three years, according to Bangladesh Bank data.



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