Electric Cars “Great Wonders of Modern Technology”

Electric Cars “Great Wonders of Modern Technology”

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What is an Electric Car
An electric car is just like a regular car from the outside, but there is a fundamental difference between this one and any conventional car, and that is, unlike any biofuel-driven car, an electric car draws power from an electric motor. This car has a controller from which it takes the energy. The controller regulates the amount of power. This car can be charged very easily by common electricity from the common household electric line.


How do electric vehicles work
The fuel tank of a traditional car is replaced with a full power in-house battery system that gets charged through an electricity supply and then stores and uses that energy to power an electric motor and set the wheels in motion. As there is no fuel tank and such mechanism, there is no need for a clutch or a gearbox to move on.

What are the benefits of buying an electric car
Electric cars generate fewer emissions and are more efficient – 95% of the energy generated by an electric car is put into motion, whereas the internal combustion engine is only 30% efficient – the rest of the energy being lost as heat or noise. This is a very significant reason why people nowadays are going for electrically driven vehicles rather than traditional ones. Some other benefits of having electric cars are lower operating costs, fewer movable parts and are some case, surprisingly the cost, which is lower than the traditional ones.

How do you charge an electric car
It is very easy to charge an electric car and can be done anywhere there is an outlet or charging station. Most electric car owners charge their vehicle at home or at work. Public charging stations are also available at gas stations, parking lots, retail and grocery stores. All the equipment required to charge an electric car typically comes included. Normally, this is an electrical cord which plugs into the vehicle and into a standard household power outlet. There are also a number of local solutions which can provide faster charging for electric vehicles, although they are not recommended.

How long does it take to charge an electric car
The charging times for electric vehicles vary from model to model. Factors affecting the time required to charge include the total capacity of an electric car’s battery, the amount of charge required, and the charger electric car (or speed). The following graph compares the average real-world time spent charging of over 600 mixed electric car models from over 85,000 charges electric car.

Average time spent charging per charger electric car:

Level 1 – 290 minutes

Level 2 – 115 minutes

Level 3 – 23 minutes

What are the benefits of driving an electric car

Cheaper to operate

Performing basic calculations, the average electric vehicle can save a driver who drives 15,000 miles in a year about $850 annually on fuel. Keep in mind that these estimates have been made without taking any special charging systems into consideration. This, together with various tax breaks and government subsidies, means that virtually all-electric vehicles start to pay for themselves a long time before they reach the end of their expected lifespans, leading to significant savings over time.

Require less maintenance

Electric cars have fewer moving parts compared to internal combustion engine vehicles. It has a very low maintenance cost as it does not need any fuel. The cost of electric charge is very cheap.

Safety of Electric Car

With the driving of an electric car, it does not have the possibility of the crash as it has a minimum speed limit. In compare to gas cars – 1 fire to electric carries 20 million miles – to electric vehicles – 1 fire to electric carry 120 million miles driven. It’s virtually impossible for a battery-powered car to explode on impact, and because heavy battery packs significantly lower an electric car’s center of mass, the car is less likely to roll over.

Reduced tailpipe emissions
Compare to the gasoline car producer electric cars usually produce fewer tailpipe emissions, in fact, it does not produce any tailpipe emission. Where average numbers of others cars produce CO2 per mile. To ensure stress-free public health systems it is required to ensure cleaner air which indicates fewer diseases. For saving ozone layer and for reducing the carbon footprint fewer greenhouse effect is essential. And at the same time, global warming should be stopped. Here the electric car is nothing if above-mentioned problems are not solved; though an electric car is not a threat to keep the environment clean.

Easy to drive and use
The aspect which is vastly overlooked of owning and operating an electric car is just how easily they fit into your life. The ability to charge them at home, at work or at public chargers means you electric car have to go out of your way to ‘refuel’.


Lower noise
Comparing to biofuel-driven vehicles, electric cars generate less noise. As the ignition doesn’t generate carbon residue and the heat generation is much less, the electric motors run smoothly and as there is very less friction, the noise generation is very very less.


Can you actually use an electric car in Bangladesh
In some parts of Bangladesh electric car can be easily used. But when it comes to the use within Dhaka city then it is not that much suitable just because of its heavy traffic.

People may think that electric cars are the future and are completely a new idea but many will be surprised to know that this concept actually goes way back into the past. With technology, electric car eloping rapidly, designs becoming more eye-catching and the world becoming more conscious about the environment and where going green is an agenda, a new era of electric vehicles has been born. The first electric car was built in 1837 in Aberdeen, Scotland. The technology was so appreciative that electric car electric battery-powered taxis were introduced to the streets of London and New York.

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